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UNITY Multicultural Organisation is a registered charity in England (no. 1045494). It was established in Sunderland when Mr Tahir Khan (the current Chair) set it up in 1980. It is a non-sectarian, multicultural centre that supports all faiths and cultures. UNITY has it's own premises, with many facilities for training, events, meetings and counselling.

Building on consistent success for over 30 years UNITY offers advocacy, guidance, legal advice, counselling and interpretation to all those people who are in desperate need to help relieve their suffering. UNITY hopes to offer that relief by offering a confidential, quality, reliable and friendly service.

UNITY is here to support all communities without regard to race, creed, religion, or culture but particularly focuses on Black and Minority Ethnic groups, Refugee and Asylum seekers, and the disadvantaged/disabled. UNITY also encourages community members to interact through the provision of social and educational activities, leading towards improved integration and community cohesion.

UNITY offers:

We also have a wide range of literature available

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Updated Accountancy service

Qualified accountancy services are now available at very competitive rates. If you are a small business, an individual or even a large company we can provide accountancy services for you.

UNITY continues on Twitter!

Social media is moving at an incredible rate. We here at UNITY strive to stay in touch with current trends and to communicate as effectively as possible with the communities that we serve.

As we deal with particularly hard to reach and vulnerable groups we hope that this new inclusion on Twitter will help us to keep on reaching out to everyone that we can by whatever means that we can.

If you would like to follow us on Twitter click on the link below -



To provide as much access as possible for every sector of our society, including ethnic minorities, each page of the UNITY site has been designed to include the ability to be interpreted by the Google translate facility.

Please note that translations are only an approximate usage of language - but it should make the site mostly understandable in that language. Select your language in the drop-down list below, then browse this site. All our pages will be translated for you, including the menus.

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